My Woodworking – Beginnings and Travels


This is the pride and joy of my tool stable. It is a bronze, Lie Nielsen smoothing plane. In the time I have had it, my woodworking has gone from 0 to 60. Most importantly, it has taught me the value of properly sharpened plane blades.

Watching and following the sharpening techniques taught by Paul Sellers ( has been instrumental. He is truly the master craftsman. Shannon Rogers has also been there when I needed some one-on-one. But of course, my woodworking guru is Kelly Mehler. Who can’t love Berea KY! He literally took me as a babe in the woods (no pun intended) and took me to a point where I could try new things on my own.

More to come later. I will profile my saw stable as well as my other tools. But I can’t overlook my saw guru, Mark Harrell. He is right on for saw creation and use. I’m looking forward to NEXT SUMMER already (2016) for a week in LaCrosse WI with Mark and Tom Fidgen.

My list gets longer and longer. I guess I will have to make more of an effort to document things.

So much for now.